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05 Giu

Luigi Amati

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With more than twenty-five years’ worth of expertise in research, innovation and venture capital, Luigi Amati has a unique perspective on the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem. He started out as a researcher himself, developing software for a spin-off of Imperial College London, before co-founding his own company, META Group, which, through dedicated and independent business units, provides entrepreneurial training to research start-ups, advises regional and local governments on innovation policy, and manages several investment funds.

META Academy coaches researchers on how best to exploit their research and entrepreneurs how to start and scale up, while META Advisory counts the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and the European Commission amongst its many clients, and has worked with regional and local governments across Europe and around the world. META Ventures, the investment branch of META Group, manages several equity investment vehicles across Europe with a portfolio of start-ups and scale-ups in a variety of research-intensive sectors, including life sciences, IT and energy.

Luigi’s diverse experience as a researcher, an entrepreneur, an ecosystem-builder and finally an angel investor means that he has a thorough understanding and knowledge of all stages of the “knowledge to market” journey and entrepreneurial life-cycle. Furthermore, in his capacity as an angel investor, in 2007 he was a founding member of “Italian Angels for Growth”, the largest angel group in Italy, and is now the Chairman of Business Angels Europe. 

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