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Salvatore Majorana
  • Electronic Engineer and INSEAD MBA, with more than 20 years in developing business across multinational high-tech companies, Venture Capital and Research Centers.

    Salvatore Majorana has a solid experience in Technology Transfer bringing scientific research to industry.

    Presently the Director of Kilometro Rosso, a privately owned Science and Technology Park in Bergamo devoted to foster collaboration between Universities and corporations. Previously Director of Technology Transfer at the IIT - Italian Institute of Technology.

    ERC Expert evaluator for the PoC grants, president of the evaluation committee at “Premio Gaetano Marzotto”, mentor for the Unicredit Start Lab circuit, he’s been member of the judging panel for “Edison Pulse”, “Smart-cup/PNI” circuit, and several other organizations.
    Member of PoC commission at LiftT. Past experience include: large high-tech multinationals, Venture Capital, top tier consultancy firms and investment company in the Italian SME’s.