• Sector: Electronics
  • Technology: Printed electronics
  • Investment Date: September 2020
  • Round: Seed, 900k €
  • Co-investors: Iag, Club degli Investitori, Pariter, Elemaster
  • Founder & CEO: Giorgio dell’Erba

FLEEP Technologies

FLEEP Technologies designs and develops printed electronics solutions for the biomedical and smart packaging sectors. The company, spin-off of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, was founded in May 2019.

FLEEPtech developed a proprietary process for the fabrication of polymer-based integrated circuits based on Organic Thin-Film Transistors, creating the intelligent core for electronics systems that are mechanically flexible, printed like magazines and recyclable. FLEEPtech is the missing link in the printed electronics industry between a great number of flexible and printed products (i.e. sensors, actuators and energy supplies) that find little space in being integrated with standard non-flexible electronics. For such reasons, the company's mission revolves around the realization of a general purpose platform for the manufacturing of fully-printed integrated systems, composed by printed sensors, printed actuators, printed energy supplies and harvesters and, of course, printed integrated circuits.

The company plans to get to full manufacturing readiness in 2-3 years from now, porting its lab-scale process to industrial manufacturing equipment.


Highly motivated and well balanced co-founders team. Technology displays high potential. Broad range of applications, in different industry sectors.