• Investment Date: SEPTEMBER 2021
  • Round: A, 3.5 ML €
  • Co-investors: PRIMO SPACE


Caracol S.r.l. is an Italian additive manufacturing start-up, that offers extreme, Additive Manufacturing, solutions with no scale limits to companies in different industrial sectors – including Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Energy and many others.

Caracol accompanies clients throughout the Additive Manufacturing production process, offering clients a broad range of solutions: from design and concept development, engineering components for AM production, manufacturing prototypes and pre-series with no limit in scale, line production of finished parts, as well as support in internalizing 3D printing technologies, 3D printing training and workshops and more.

Founded in 2017, the company has developed its own AM system, that with a patented extrusion head, proprietary algorithms and the use of robotic arms, can manufacture advanced components with no limits in scale. The flexibility of the system allows not only to manufacture very large-scale parts but also complex geometries and parts with improved mechanical performance. Caracol provides a solution that saves production costs, reduced production lead time, and limits production waste to a minimum and can reutilize the waste produced.

Caracol’s team combines its expertise in generative design and additive manufacturing with an extensive knowledge of the industrial goods sector. Using advanced design and analysis tools to optimize design for AM according to the required performance.

By using direct printing Caracol can works with a wide variety of advanced composite materials – mostly techno polymers like PP, PPS and PA12 reinforced with fibers like carbon and glass.

Caracol aims to reshape production systems, enabling manufacturing companies to make their way towards a more efficient, progressive, and sustainable future.



Highly motivated and well balanced co-founders team, with both technical and business competences. Differentiating technology and IP, properly protected. Broad range of applications, in different industry sectors like Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial Machinery, with commercial pilots with relevant large corporates. Caracol strives for integrating circular economy
principles into its product design, for example by using raw materials which are mostly recyclable or recycled.