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Marco Restelli

Marco Restelli holds a Master in Chemical Physics from the University of Pavia and Strathclyde University and a Master in Business Administration from Politecnico di Milano.

Marco started his professional career in strategy consulting with Kearney where he was a member of the Global Retail & Consumer Goods Practice. During his years in consulting, he managed projects and client relationships in Western Europe and Southeast Asia with both multinational companies and local/regional players.

Since 2003 Marco has been working at Nestlé where he has held several executive roles in corporate operations and R&D.

Currently Marco is Vice President R&D for Waters and Health Beverages at Nestlé and a member of the Group's Senior R&D Management.

Massimo Ferro

Massimo Ferro is CFO and Corporate Strategy Director for Nestlé in Italy.

Massimo is a member of the Italian Board of Directors and a Nestlé Executive with solid international experience.

Over the years, he has held positions of increasing responsibility within the Nestlé Group, particularly in finance both at national and international levels. Recently he has been also entrusted to the Corporate Strategy that he guides in a spirit of change and innovation.

Massimo joined Nestlé in 1998 after significant national and international experience in different companies (Spillers Petfood, Arena, GlaxoSmithKline).

Renato Mazzoncini

Renato Mazzoncini has been Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of A2A since May 2020. He earned a degree in electrical engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan, where he is a professor, teaches the course “Mobility - Infrastructure and Services” and serves as a member of the Advisory Board.

Throughout his career, Mazzoncini has served in upper management positions in companies of strategic importance to Italy. His career began in Italian railway technologies company Ansaldo. Subsequently, he led private, public and mixed ownership public services companies. In 2012 he was appointed CEO of Busitalia, a local and regional bus fleet owner and operator that is part of Italy’s national railway company, Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato (Gruppo FS). In 2015, he became CEO and General Manager of Gruppo FS, a position he held until 2018. During his tenure as CEO of the company, he carried out the integration of Italian motorways operator ANAS into Gruppo FS.

An expert on climate change and the environment, and a green economy enthusiast, Mazzoncini has coauthored - together with other global experts - books on energy transformation, including "Roadmap to 2050: A Manual for Nations to Decarbonize by Mid-Century”, presented at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2019. He contributed writing "Green Planning for Cities and Communities”, a book that examines the concepts of “smart” and “green” cities from a design and development point of view. He is also the author of “E-Turn: Individual behaviours and technological development for sustainable mobility”. Published by Egea, the book outlines the energy and environmental choices that can guide us to a zero-emissions future.

Currently, Mazzoncini also serves as Vice President of Elettricità Futura, Italy’s leading electricity industry association, and he is a member of its Executive and General Councils. Furthermore, in November 2020, he was elected to the General Council of Confindustria Brescia, the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in the region of Brescia. He is also a member of both the Committee of stock market listed companies of Utilitalia - a federation that groups some 450 Italian utilities and represents them in national and European institutions - and the
Founders’ Assembly of the Foundation of the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Davide Malacalza

Born in Genoa on February 1965, Davide Malacalza graduated in Economics and Business Administration at the Genoa University. In 1991 he began working in Sima S.p.A., a company active in the sector of the systems for thermoelectric power plants, getting in this period managerial abilities.

In 1993 he is Managing Director and responsible of business development of Trametal S.p.A., a company trading spare parts for iron and steel industry and, from 1995, after the purchase of the plants of Metallurgica San Giorgio, also producing carbon-steel plates for trains. In 1999, after the acquisition of Spartan UK, another company active in the iron and steel industry like Trametal, he took the office of Chairman of such company, taking care of the various managerial aspects and of the modernization of the plant and of the whole production cycle. Trametal and Spartan UK held 5% of the iron and steel European market for their production of carbon-steel plates and in 2008 they have been sold to the Ukrainian group Metinvest.

From 2001 he began to develop the “superconductivity chain”. The first step was the acquisition of the Unità Magneti of Andaldo Energia, the corporate name is changed in ASG Superconductors, getting important scientific and manufacturing success (i.e. the realization of superconductive magnets for CERN and the ITER Toroidal Field Coils). Actually ASG Superconductors is leading superconducting technology also in energy and medical sector developing cables and wire in MgB2 - magnesium diboride and helium free open MRI systems. Davide Malacalza is Shareholder and CEO of Hofima and Chairman of ASG Superconductors.

Enrica Acuto Jacobacci

Enrica Acuto Jacobacci graduated in Business and Economics at the University of Torino, executive education at Insead and Harvard Business School, as a Brand Marketing Manager with multinational food corporation Danone, Enrica soon developed her entrepreneurial vision based on shared leadership, conscious growth, and care for people.

As a shareholder at Finpat Holding, Enrica joined the Board of Directors of Jacobacci & Partners in 2004, where she is currently Deputy Chair and Managing Director. She also holds other positions within the Jacobacci Group: Chair of the Board of Directors of Jacobacci Spain, Chair of the Comité de Direction of Jacobacci Coralis Harle France, Chair of Anser, and Chair of Griffeshield. 

Jacobacci & Partners, founded in 1872, is specialized in protecting and enhance IPR. 
Furthering the family’s reputation for professional excellence, Enrica has brought Jacobacci & Partners from an acknowledged position as a leading Italian IP firm to European leadership in the field of Intellectual Property.

Throughout her professional life, Enrica has worked with domestic and international clients, from public institutions to large multinational corporations, operating in many sectors, ranging from luxury to mass market and public institutions to financial services. A long-held belief in the importance of executive education as a tool for business development has led Enrica to deliver speeches at many conferences and lectures at Masters courses at the University of Turin, Polytechnic of Turin, European Institute of Design (IED), University of Milan-Bicocca and the EMBA Ticinensis.

In recent years, Enrica has directed her efforts on supporting innovation in Italy, as a business angel for some start-ups, as a member of the Premio Gaetano Marzotto Jury, and founder of 4T (Technology Transfer Think-Tank). In 2016 Enrica became "E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year" for the category “Services.” 

Riccardo Procacci

Riccardo Procacci received his degree in Mechanical Engineering with full marks from the La Sapienza University in Rome, where he also received his doctorate with a specialization in turbomachinery.

Riccardo is the CEO and General Manager of Avio Aero, a GE Aviation business headquartered in Turin, and CEO of GE Additive. He began his career at General Electric in 1996 in the Oil&Gas Division, filling a number of prominent managerial roles: Region Sales Manager Asia based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Head of the Maintenance Contracts Business Unit in Florence.
In 2006, Riccardo moved to New Delhi, where he was the Country Leader for India, with the objective of consolidating the company's operations in that country, identifying and instituting important initiatives for localization and partnerships. In 2009, he returned to Florence, where he was named the Product Line Manager for the Turbomachinery Division of GE Oil&Gas.

On April 1st  2013, Riccardo joined GE Aviation as Avio Aero Integration Leader, based in Turin, Italy. Following the formal completion of the acquisition process, on August 1st 2013, Riccardo has been named CEO of Avio Aero. While in his role at Avio Aero, he also holds a few other positions: Board Member of the Unione Industriale (Industrial Union) in Turin, Board Member of the Centro Studi Americani (American Studies Center), and Board Member of AIAD Federazione Aziende Italiane per l'Aerospazio, la Difesa e la Sicurezza (Italian Industries Federation for Aerospace, Defense, and Security).

On May 2020 Riccardo assumed the leadership of the GE Additive business, in addition to his role as CEO of Avio Aero. Finally, on June 2020 the turboprop business – which includes the GE Catalyst and H-series engines – was aligned alongside Avio Aero, under the leadership of Riccardo.

Antonio Baldaccini

Antonio Baldaccini has been CEO of UMBRAGROUP since May 2014. He is the second CEO to lead the Company which was founded in 1972. He brings strong leadership skills and an international perspective to the position thanks to his twenty years of management experience in the Group’s companies in Italy and the U.S.

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Antonio was Vice President and General Manager of Operations at Umbra Cuscinetti, Inc., the Group’s US headquarters, and Vice President of Business Development for Umbra Cuscinetti SpA (Italy), now UMBRAGROUP SpA. In March 2018 UMBRAGROUP acquired Thomson Aerospace & Defense, a leading U.S. aerospace company with sales of $40M and 180 employees. Since January 2018 he has also been the President of the Umbria Aerospace Cluster.

He earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Gianluigi Angelantoni

Born in Todi, on May 20th 1944, Gianluigi Angelantoni is actually the sole director of Angelantoni Industrie S.r.l. and the President of Archimede Solar Energy S.r.l.

Since 1994 he is the Managing Director of Angelantoni Industrie Group (founded in 1932) which counts over 400 employees and a turnover of 70 million euros, with 6 production and logistic facilities in Italy, France, Germany, India, and China. The Group is characterized by the high level of technology and innovation with 4,5% of turnover in R&D investments yearly.

The Group is constituted of 3 sub-holding companies Angelantoni Test Technologies (ATT), Angelantoni Life Science (ALS), Angelantoni Clean Tech (ACT) and one subsidiary Archimede Solar Energy (ASE). Furthermore, Archimede Solar Energy (ASE) is a world leader in the production of solar receiver tubes for thermodynamic power plants with parabolic trough collectors (CSP), licensed by ENEA headed by Nobel Prize Professor Rubbia. Gianluigi Angelantoni is President of ANEST, the Italian Association for Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy and Vice President of Kyoto Club Italy. Moreover, he has been awarded “Cavaliere del Lavoro” by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, on May 22nd 2014.

Carmelo Papa

Past CEO & General Manager of ST Microelectronics Italy, graduated with a degree in Nuclear Physics from the University of Catania. Carmelo Papa has been Chief Executive Officer, as well as General Manager of STMicroelectronics Italy, the Group’s Italian subsidiary, and has held this role since April 2016. He also leads Subsystem Product Group business unit. Papa started his professional career with International Computers Limited. He joined SGS Microelettronica, a predecessor company to STMicroelectronics, in 1983, and three years later was promoted to Director of Product Marketing and Customer Service for Transistors and Standard ICs. In 2000, Papa was appointed Corporate Vice President, responsible for ST’s sales and marketing in Emerging Markets. In 2005, he was chosen to lead the Micro, Power and Analog Group and his mandate was expanded in 2007 as head of the Industrial & Multisegment Sector. In January 2012, Papa was appointed General Manager of ST’s Industrial & Power Group. Papa has completed his third term as Chairman of the European Platform on Smart Systems (EPoSS), in December 2017. EPoSS is an industry-driven initiative focused on innovation in nanotechnologies and smart systems integration. He is part of UniCredit Bank Italian Advisory Board, University of Catania and STMicroelectronics Italy.

Massimo Della Porta

Born in Pontremoli (MS) on September 8th 1960, Massimo della Porta  has been a member of the Board of Directors at SAES Getters Group since 29 April 1994. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic of Rome in 1989; then he began working at one of the companies of the SAES Getters Group, as a researcher and with the specific task of creating an applied research laboratory at the SAES Metallurgia di Avezzano subsidiary.

After many technical and management roles at the subsidiaries, he finally moved in 1996 to Milan in order to take on the role of Group Innovation Manager at the parent company SAES Getters S.p.A. He has been Group Chief Executive Officer and Group Chief Technology & Innovation Officer since 2003 and Chairman since 2009.

He is member of the Board of Directors of various companies within the SAES Getters Group. He has been an independent director of Alto Partners SGR S.p.A. since December 2004. He is a director of MGM S.r.l., a real estate company, and member of the Board of Directors at University of Pavia since 2019.

He is the Inventor and/or co-inventor of alloys and products for which patents have been obtained.