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04 Giu

Anna Tampieri

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Degree in Chemistry FT with over 36 years of experience in Materials Science, with a focus on materials for Biomedical applications.

Anna Tampieri was Director of the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramic Materials at CNR and Head of Research on Biomaterials and Hybrid Composites at ISSMC-CNR.

Anna is author of more than 350 scientific articles, H-index = 62; citation index: 15,300 and coordinator of several projects funded by the European Community as well as scientific advisor of the European Research Council.

Anna was also the inventor of 16 international patents, 8 of which have been commercialised.

Appointed President of ENEA-Tech, founded by the Ministry of Economic Development to promote the technological transfer of innovation in Italy, she was the "idea maker" and President of FINCERAMICA Biomedical Solution S.p.A. and the "idea maker" and scientific advisor of the start-up Green-Bone ortho S.p.A..

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