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Active Label

Domenica, 03 Aprile 2022

ACTIVE LABEL is a label, smaller than 1 cm2, on which a film containing one milligram of silicate or fluorohalide powder is applied. With ACTIVE LABEL it is possible to check whether the optimal storage temperature range has been respected during transport/storage, and thus to certify quality and safety of the packaged product, also allowing to recalculate the expiry date of the asset.

Many competitors only detect above-threshold temperatures, only by visual inspection - imprecise and subject to false positives (the temperature variation above the threshold can be even a few minutes).

The extremely low-cost solution (about €0.01), the relevant information produced and the easy read-out mechanism (even a smartphone could), make ACTIVE LABEL a key enabler in the smart-packaging field.



Investing in Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) ranging from 3 to 5 requires a careful assessment of the potential of the technology and the team. Due to the low maturity of these projects, these projects require a de-risking process to be carried out directly at the University and Research Center. Eureka! TT S.r.l. is the Italian limited responsibility company fully owned by “Eureka! Fund I – Technology Transfer that acts on behalf of the Fund, in providing financial resources to the pre-company, Proof-of-Concept (“POC”) projects, as well as in monitoring the advancement and the results of such investments.

The resources provided by Eureka! are given to the University and Research Center, in order to develop the technology, increase TRL and support the team of the “to-be entrepreneurs” in proving their ideas are sustainable. Successful projects will be then span-out into new start-ups. Eureka! TT can effectively bridge the gap between the need for a market-driven test and a University-like environment.

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