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Stefania Mancino

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Chartered accountant, Member of ODCEC Rome Board of Statutory Auditors Commission, A4W, Nedcommunity, Aisca. Stefania Mancino has s degree in Economics and Business Administration and a licensed certified public accountant registered in Rome. She is an expert in internal controls, risk management processes, financial reporting and internal audits, corporate governance and sustainability (non-financial statements) for listed and non-listed groups and organizations operating in regulated sectors. Owner of a tax, administrative, corporate and financial consulting firm. She is a Statutory Auditor in different companies of Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo and in the Boards of Statutory Auditors and Integrity Committees of important listed and non-listed companies of the financial, utility, publishing, engineering, IT and health sectors.
She has thirty years of experience in subsidized loans to businesses, venture capital funding for start-ups, strategic and financial planning, and business plan development.

Trusts and generational transfers of family businesses:

  • organization and management models (pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001) for the "mapping of corporate risks"
  • organizational development models and personnel management
  • financial statements and consolidated financial statements, domestic and international taxation
  • company valuations, constitutions, liquidations, mergers, demergers.
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